22 Poorly Explained Film Plots That Are So Bad They’re Good.

Check out these hilarious poorly explained film plots, inspired by the hashtag #explainafilmplotbadly.

1. Depressed, widowed father teams up with mentally challenged woman to find his disabled son.


2.Older sister ruins younger sister’s chance to be on nationally televised game show.


3.Girl learns she can get the guy as long as she fundamentally changes all her core values


4.Young man finds his mentally unstable father, convinces him to murder an elderly politician.


5.Terrorist destroys local town to show how corrupt their capitalist society is.


6.Two grown men abduct a child and run away from the government


7.Girl has to pretend she’s a man to be taken seriously


8.A French dude steals a loaf of bread and he never hears the end of it.


9.Man’s midlife crisis endangers his family and entire city.


10. Family hires Nanny with no formal qualifications who talks to her umbrella and force feeds kids sugar.


11. An Evil bald guy tried to kill the same kid for 7 years and still didn’t


12.An old man pretends to be bed-ridden for years until he gets a chance at some free


13.A billionaire devotes his fortune to cosplay and beating up the mentally ill.


14.Immigrant adoptee is repatriated to country of birth, experiences culture shock & prejudice.


15.Teenaged boy gets bitten by a radioactive spider, decides to take selfies for a living.


16.A guy learns to love a girl without her Instagram filters.


17.His mission was actually just kind of hard, not impossible. And things explode.


18.A girl and a small dog kill the first person they see in a strange land, then meet 3 other misfits to kill again.


19.Teenager undergoes extreme body modification to get a man.


20.Short people fight with tall people over a lousy piece of jewelry. Then take it to be destroyed.


21.A man gets stuck in a rut and decides to start a club but doesn’t let anyone talk about it.


22.Love in the time of Stockholm Syndrome.


Source: http://www.knowable.com/a/21-poorly-explained-film-plots-that-are-so-bad-theyre