Creepy Wikipedia Pages You Should Never Visit. #4 Will Make You Wanna Hide Under The Couch

Wikipedia has become one of the most famous websites on the internet today thanks to the plethora of information that is readily available. The Internet has become the main source of knowledge for people around the world. With just a simple typing of some words, the information we need is there in a matter of seconds. With so much information available to us, some people are even questioning why we even have schools anymore when anyone can be trained and educated online these days. The Internet has also given us the ability to share some of the most wonderful fictional stories that the human mind can come up with. But that also means that we are exposed to some of the creepiest and terrifying things that we can come up with. Whether it’s a story of a haunted house, or the violence of the end of someone’s life by another person’s hand, Wikipedia has made some horrifying elements known in our lives.
The crazy thing about Wikipedia is that entries can be created and edited by anyone in the world. As long as you’re a decent writer and can make anything sound true, your additions to Wikipedia can last a decent amount of time online. Here are ten Wikipedia pages that you should never visit, especially if you value a good night’s sleep and having peace of mind. Some of the most fantastic horror movies have been inspired by these Wikipedia pages, and there are only more that will be created as time goes on.

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