Lioness Protects Injured Fox From Male Lion

While visiting Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana a group of visitors came across a pride of lions. There were two lionesses, one of which was a mother with three cubs, and a male lion. They suddenly heard an alarm cry and discovered an injured bat-eared fox surrounded by the lions. Graham Dyer was in the group and took photos of the wild animals. What he ended up capturing one of the lionesses doing was nothing short of amazing!

One lioness was attempting to catch the bat-eared fox and injured him in the process.

The male thought he might get some food, but did not want to get bitten.

The mother lioness and her cubs were curious about the fox. But instead of doing away with the fox she decided to protect it instead.

Maybe she took pity on the fox because he looked like one of her cubs?

When the male lion got too close, the mother lioness lunged at him, getting him to back off from the fox.

She lay near the fox guarding him from the male.

Eventually, the male lion became disinterested. The lioness let the fox rest near her cubs.

Soon, the pride left the fox to search for food. The fox was left alone and seemed a bit stunned. Maybe he was shocked he had survived!

Although it had first appeared he had a broken back or pelvis, the safari goers noticed that fox got up on his hind legs and walked away.