These Two Brothers Become Inexplicably Paralyzed When The Sun Sets. Reason? You Won’t Believe This!

It’s a phenomenon that has health experts scratching their heads; two brothers in Pakistan become paralysed each evening when the sun sets. They reside in a hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan, where doctors are running an array of government-funded tests on the brothers, in the hope of solving the great mystery of the ‘Solar Boys.’ Speaking to The Associated Press, Javed Akram, a professor of medicine at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences says his team took on the case ‘as a challenge’ and that samples of their blood were being sent to specialists abroad, as well as air and soil samples. The boys’ father, Mohammad Hashim, says that he thinks his boys get their energy from the sun, a notion doctors have rejected – as the boys were conscious and functioning normally in a darkened room – saying that the parents’ close genetic heritage is a more likely explanation. The parents of the boys are first cousins – a common marriage practice in Pakistan – and have had six children together, two of whom died in infancy. They have two other children who are unaffected. Living in the hospital has taken a toll on the boys who miss their family and wish to return home. In the video by Bancroft Media, Abdul is visibly distressed as his father says We are very stressed that they feel unwell. I am hopeful they will be cured of their illness. Doctors hope to be able to isolate the cause and with treatment, help the boys lead a normal life so they can achieve their goals of becoming a teacher (Shoaib) and Islamic academic.

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