Watch This Junky Chevy Truck Annihilate A Lamborghini Huracan At The Drag Strip….


We thought about going with one of those clickbait-y You’ll Never Guess What Happens When… headlines for this story, but we figured you’d see through it. Well, obviously, the truck is going to outrun the Lamborghini, you’d probably say, before taking a sip of Earl Grey tea and returning to the latest Kathryn Schultz story at The New Yorker. And then you’d never get a chance to see just how badly this beat-up hunk o’work truck junk beats a Lamborghini Huracán Spider down the drag strip. No, that old Chevy doesn’t just beat the Lambo off the line. It slays the Italian super sports car. Mutilates it. Cuts it apart at every major joint, wraps up the pieces in butcher paper, carries them out to the Everglades, and throws them into a marsh filled with hungry alligators.

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