Only 2% Of Americans Can Spot All The Women Hiding In Plain Sight In These Photos. Can You?

Some of the most beloved books that children love to read are the infamous I Spy series, where you need to look at complex and busy photos to find very specific objects that the photographer hid in the shot.

These types of puzzles and books aren’t only entertaining for kids though, as there are several types of art that involve a similar concept that are very popular with adults.

There are several types of these puzzles that you can find online that have you look for hidden objects like this masterful photo set by Joerg Duesterwald.

Duesterwald recently put his new art collection on display for people to see, and it combines the art of makeup, photography, and that fun I Spy novelty that you find in those old children’s books.

In his photographs, Duesterwald takes female models who are completely nude, and has them painted to fit a surround object.

Expert craftsmanship is employed in order to give the models that camouflage to blend them into the surroundings, The attention to detail that is given when painting their bodies is remarkable.

After the models have been painted, they get placed next to any ordinary object such as a pole, fence, or wall. The body paint blends them in, and can make seeing them almost impossible. In fact, very few people can point out these models without taking a long hard look at them.

In this photo, you should be able to spot one of the models leaning against a big tree that has fallen down. You would never guess that there is a person in this setting unless you are actively looking for a human. They blend in so well!

Duesterwald is a master at his craft. He has been painting for over 20 years, and he pays attention to details that people would never even think of, such as the exact angle of the camera before he shoots to make sure the models blend in perfectly.

Each photo takes hours and hours of work.

It’s amazing to see these two figures on the side of this fireplace because they are painted so well it looks like they are metal too!

This one is almost creepy but surreal at the same time. Look at how this model is hiding on the side of this grave. It is so hard to spot this figure because first off she blends right into the ground, and second of all, she looks like a statue that goes with the grave!

Even the cement color is the same.

Duesterwald was recently been gaining lots of popularity on the web for his masterful creations. He has made photos in all sorts of different settings, some with water, some in forest, and each one has its own feel to it.

If you want to see more photos from Duesterwald’s collections, there are a whole bunch of them from his set called metamophosis which you can find here.

Would you ever want to become a painted model? Let us know in the comments below!