Celebrities Who Survived A Close Call With Death. I Was Shocked To See The Actors On This List.

We often look at celebrities as being far different than ourselves. OK, that’s a bit of an understatement when you think about it. After all, celebrities are known by millions, if not billions of people. The super-famous are usually super-rich. They hang out with other celebrities, live in massive houses with fleets of cars and even planes at their disposal. Superficially, at least, it appears that celebrities are far different than the rest of us ‘normal’ folk. But are they? After all, no matter how famous or how rich you are, the one thing that happens to celebrities that happens to all of us is death. Sure, being a celebrity can get you the best medical treatment to extend your life, but in the end the grim reaper doesn’t care how many Oscars, albums or Ferraris you have. Just ask Prince, Muhammad Ali and David Bowie.
Of course we can’t make a video about famous celebrities who have died – well, we could but it would be impossibly long and you’d get no work done while you watched it. We can however, take it down a notch. After actress and comedian Sarah Silverman’s recent close call with death, we thought we’d show you a bunch of other celebrities who nearly bought the farm but luckily survived. Whether accidents on set, freak illnesses that come out of nowhere, near pre-fame disasters or stuff you’d expect to see in a Final Destination film, these celebrities all managed to escape death and live to continue to contribute to the entertainment industry.

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