Cop Suspects Mom Of A Hit-And-Run. But When His Partner Walks Over, She’s Stunned.

When soldiers come home, they often have one special person in mind whom they want to surprise. For soldiers who are parents, it’s often their children. They plan for the heartwarming reunions very carefully and the kids’ reactions are sometimes simply hilarious! This little girl couldn’t help but question if her daddy was really in front of her. For others, however, it’s their moms, dads, and even siblings. When Army Staff Sergeant Salomon Robinson found out that he would be coming home early from a deployment in Iraq, he knew that the person he wanted to surprise was his mother, Claudette. In turn, he enlisted the help of the police officers of West Point, GA. The plan was to stop Claudette as she would leave her apartment to volunteer at a summer feeding program for children. Officer Cameron Mitchell was the one who got to stop her. Pointing at a scratch on her car (which had been there for quite some time), he inquired if she had recently been involved in a hit-and-run. She was able to return to the driver’s seat briefly as the officer handed her I.D. to her son. So when she turned around to reclaim her license, she got the surprise of her life!

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