During A Live Broadcast, Meteorologist Was Asked To Coverup. Do You Think This Is Justified?

A weather reporter in California recently donned a sweater in the middle of her televised forecast, and it wasn’t as a prop to demonstrate an upcoming change in the weather conditions. According to the Daily News, the sweater was handed to her by a colleague so she could cover up – due to viewer complaints. Liberte Chan has been a meteorologist with KTLA since 2003. For a recent broadcast, she was wearing a black beaded dress that fit her perfectly, but apparently there were some viewers who weren’t fans of her chosen attire and complained via email. A colleague jokingly handed her a sweater so she could cover up, and Liberte good-naturedly played along. “I look like a librarian now,” she would joke on the broadcast. The incident would take on a life of its own, with plenty of backlash for Liberte, her colleague and the station itself. Liberte would take the backlash that headed her way in stride, and would even take to Facebook to address viewer complaints.

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