Magic Tricks That Went Horribly Wrong.This Is The Price Magicians Pay For The Sake Of Entertainment

The world of magic is all about tricking the eyes and being willing to take some life-altering risks. When we were children, seeing a magician often gave us a sense of wonderment as we had the evidence we needed to believe in magic. As we grew up, the magic shows became more distinguished and more complex as the tricks are so incredible that it’s nearly impossible to figure out how the trick was done. Magicians are now seen as practically rock stars, with a large presence in entertainment cities such as Las Vegas. Criss Angel has become one of the most popular magicians with his own shows and viral videos being created all the time of his work on the streets.
The magic about magic tricks is that we don’t know how they are done. And magicians seem to have a very strict code on not revealing any of these secrets. But with the attention spans and demands of audiences these days, the old trick of pulling a rabbit out of the hat is now taboo. The people are demanding more life-threatening tricks these days because they want to be wowed and taken on an emotional journey where we become scared for the magician. When this happens, we have to wonder how far is too far?
Here are some magic tricks that went horribly wrong. Whether it was a near drowning or an audience member nearly disappeared, magic is increasingly meeting our entertainment demands all the while risking their own lives…all for the sake of entertainment.

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