REVEALED: This Is What REALLY Happens When You Don’t Switch Your Phone To Airplane Mode On A Flight

One of the great mysteries of life, along with who framed Roger Rabbit and like, what’s included under the umbrella term of global warming, is why can’t we use our dang phones and other electronics on a freaking airplane. It’s as if some dimwit who was past his prime decades ago decided when cell phones became popular that electronics were devil tools that existed for the sole purpose to bring down planes. We all realized years ago that our electronics won’t do much to a plane. And yet no one has come up with a better explanation.
College Humor imagined the hilarity and ridiculousness of the whole situation in a mob vs flight attendant video. Basically, this is what will happen if the whole plane actually questioned the electronics policy. The flight attendants ain’t buying what they selling, that’s for sure.

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