The Chinese Continue To Amaze, Build A Bridge In Just 43 Hours! This Is Incredible!

Trust the Chinese to pull off things others can only wonder about. Only months after a Chinese construction company built a 57-story skyscraper in an unbelievable 19 days, the Chinese have managed to build a fully-functional bridge in an astounding 43 hours! In an unreal time-lapse video that’s surfaced, super-human workers can be seen taking apart the old structure of Beijing’s Sanyuan Bridge in a few hours. They then brought a massive piece of concrete to bridge the gap and paved it over. All of it in just 19 hours. This was the first time where Chinese workers tried out a new ‘integrated replacement method’ which required over 1300 tonnes of material. The bridge will save commuters from months of commotion and traffic woes.

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