They Were Competing To Finish A 12 Inch Pizza In Shortest Time & It Was A Crazy Sight To Behold!

In this video of Guinness World Records Italian Show, Canadian Peter Czerwinski (aka ‘Furious Pete’) – who is a professional competitive speed eater, fitness enthusiast, YouTube vlogger and multiple Guinness World Records title holder – attempts to break his own record for the Fastest time to eat a 12’’ pizza.
Furious Pete goes up against two challengers. They were selected during an earlier section of the programme called ‘The Record Box’, which sees people attempting records in shopping malls in order to qualify for the show.
They all gave it their best shot, maintaining table manners at all times by using a knife and fork, but Czerwinski won the challenge in an incredible 32.28 seconds and bettered his previous record by almost 10 seconds.

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