They Took This Photo Over 150 Years Ago… And What They Captured Made Their Blood Run Cold.

In the 1860s, “spirit photography” suddenly became very popular. Practitioners would use a special technique to create the appearance of spectral figures in people’s homes and family photos…and people couldn’t get enough of them!

One photographer, William Hope, took things up a notch by actually claiming to be a medium, and that his photos were “proof” of ghosts living among us. Sure, that sounds completely bogus now, but when you see them, you won’t be so sure!

1. Is that a ghost’s arm under this table?

2. Hope claimed that he didn’t remember this woman ever being in the room.

3. This might have been a lost daughter or relative.

4. Welsh medium Jake Thomas with his “grandmother’s spirit” floating above him.

5. The man in this portrait can be seen with a long-deceased female colleague.

6. The fact that the unidentified male figure (or spirit) in this image is lopsided makes it so much creepier.

7. That spirit does not look happy to be here.

8. The spirit in this photo is the supposedly that man’s second wife.

9. As if funerals weren’t bad enough, a it looks like his spirit is hovering over the casket.

10. There’s not one but TWO ghosts in this photo.

11. It’s like her spirit is leaving her body.

12. Welsh medium Will Thomas, the brother of medium Jake Thomas, sits with a mysterious man’s face floating above him.

13. It’s like she’s claiming the two men for the spirit world.

Yikes… No matter how many times I tell myself these aren’t real, there’s no denying that there’s something super creepy about them!

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Photo Credits: William Hope/National Media Musuem